Yes Youth Can! Western


Youth Owned, Youth Led, Youth Managed

Yes Youth Can! Kenyais a youth-owned, youth led, and youth managed initiative designed to improve the social and economic status of young people and build peace through a network of community leaders.  

Funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Yes Youth Can! (YYC) Western is one of six regional programs supporting Kenyan youth to achieve a greater voice in national reform and creating new livelihood opportunities through a network of youth, supported by alliances of public and private linkages and institutions.  YYC supports development in Western Province of Kenya to recover from post-election violence, through building the capacity of village youth organizations (village youth bunges) to engage with markets, government and communities, and pursue their legitimate needs and interests more effectively in a way that builds positive inter-ethnic networks. 

The YYC vision is to have an empowered Kenyan youth in Western Province exhibiting leadership in peace-building, social service and economic prosperity for holistic community development. YYC embraces a youth driven development approach which engages youth at village level to form and develop their own organizations (village youth bunges). By training youth in bunges on how to use a smart phone to amplify their voices, share their success stories, solicit local and international mentorship and form business relationships, the youth are not only building significant capacity and taking advantage of technology to further their business objectives, but are serving as an example and resource to their communities The profiled youth-run enterprises represent strong, vibrant and able groups that work to develop their potential and the opportunities in their communities through the establishment and growth of sustainable businesses. They are seeking mentorship to build successful enterprises, business relationships with the private sector, creative collaborations and networking opportunities with their peers.

Engage with a group. Mentor a business. Collaborate. 


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