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Mobile Movement offers you the opportunity to share your ideas, mentor and create innovative partnerships with entrepreneurs and activists around the world. Your expertise and connections can turn a worthwhile project into a success story that benefits an entire community.

Here are some examples of Mobile Movement collaborations between mentors and project leaders:

1. A Norwegian designer visited a tailoring project in Nairobi and found African fabrics for her designs.

2. A New York Jewelry designer worked with a jewelry-making collective in the Kibera Slum.

3. A German entrepreneur is now importing youth-made handicrafts from East Africa

4. A Canadian film producer sent costumes for a youth theatre group in Nairobi.

5. A Californian Youth Centre sent clothing designs to a Kenyan youth tailoring collective. They used African fabrics to create the clothing and sent them back to California for a fundraising initiative.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, your time, skills, connections, and expertise can help bring a project to life.